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21/22 Faction Dictator 3.0-180cm

21/22 Faction Dictator 3.0-180cm

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Built to chase big lines and turn the whole mountain into a your playground, the men's Faction Dictator 3.0 skis comfortably go full-throttle, blasting through fresh snow and hearty chowder.


You'll love this ski if you love to go fast, want to easily blast through any and all snow conditions, and want a super-stable tool to take on mountains with varied terrain
Surf zones provide optimal pivoting and smearing, easy turn initiation and no edge hook
Its Elliptical sidecut ensures it doesn't hook up at high speeds, allowing you to lace tight turns or throw on the brakes at a moment's notice.
Elliptical Radius sidecut: A longer radius underfoot and shorter radius tips and tails deliver carving performance and effortless response
Titanal® plate underfoot adds rigidity for more effective transmission of power and for binding screw retention
2 full sheets of metal support the energetic wood core, so you can comfortably go full-throttle
Full-strength sidewalls for maximum power transmission and edge hold
Tip and tail rocker and 106 mm wide waists blast through fresh snow and hearty chowder
4 mm of generous camber for best-in-class edge hold
Extra-large 2.5 mm edges—compared to 2 mm industry average—add durability
Anti-chip tip and tail caps and scratch-resistant brushed topsheets increase durability for long-lasting performance
Designed and tested at Faction HQ in Verbier, Switzerland; handmade in Europe