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Bent Metal Axtion Binding

Bent Metal Axtion Binding

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The AXTION is a team driven, performance enhanced all mountain go to. Featuring the responsive dual band (dyadic construction) ankle strap that fuses flex and power for maximum comfort and response. Add to that a super comfy grip form toe strap, a uni-body nylon chassis and a solid asymmetric highback for increased rigidity and you’re looking at top to bottom performance, comfort and reliability all day long. Get some AXTION!

BENT and METAL on the backs... simple, bold, clean, white on black. Goes with any board, boot or gear imaginable... this design is bolts.

These cone orange Axtion with the bold BMBW hardware hit will have you leading your crew to the goods as a beacon of boot candy. Orange you glad you went Axtion!

Blue/Green (BMxGW)
The BMGW Axtion celebrates historical sublimations of hypothermic wildebeests toying with gravity irreverence. Bent Metal Binding Works x Gnu... throwback vibes for future times with precious lime wunderkind lifting your snowboarding to it’s sky blue potential.